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Barbara Rawdon Hastings (née Yelverton), Marchioness of Hastings by Thomas Anthony Dean, after Emma Eleanora Kendrick
stipple engraving, published October 1828
. NPG D35753. Copyright National Portrait Gallery, London. Permission granted for reuse here under the CC-BY-NC-ND licence.

She was clever, beautiful, talented, persuasive, loved gambling and travelling - and was one of the earliest and most unlikely trowelblazers. Between 1839 and about 1850,

this week…

i got screamed at by my boss

a squirrel died in my wall

the vibes were bad

… but i did 7 pushups with 50lbs on my back and i realized i can clean and jerk two 24kg kettlebells overhead with ease (106 pounds). i also realized i can throw my boyfriend on my back, run a lap, and do 5 squats. success. :D

lustin for eggie weggies

lustin for eggie weggies

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Mmm sourdough

Mmm sourdough

One year ago I couldn’t do a pull-up… Now I can do this crazy sh**! Baby steps guys, baby steps….

One year ago I couldn’t do a pull-up… Now I can do this crazy sh**! Baby steps guys, baby steps….

i’m the same weight as last year, but have a way different body. so true. 

i’m the same weight as last year, but have a way different body. so true. 


Jillian Michaels massacres the kettlebell swing…

This video is horrifying. She should lose her job for this video alone. He’s a perfect example of everything you should NOT be doing in a kettlebell swing. It is so infuriating to me that someone like her earns millions of dollars a year with her horrifying lack of knowledge in all fitness related things, but yet the really talented strength coaches earn a fraction of her salary and receive little to no recognition for their credentials.

You can do better than the 8kg kettlebell… But love it! :D

You can do better than the 8kg kettlebell… But love it! :D

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… that moment when i fit back into my jeans



Why doesn’t my cat love me


Why doesn’t my cat love me


my beach body exercises

before you do anything, set up healthy eating habits… and find ways of eating that you think you can sustain for the long-term. after that, do these:


-mountain climbers, situps.

-throw things. balls, a heavy bag, whatevs you have hanging around. slam it to the ground, throw it from either side of your body, or toss it up and catch it.

-squats and lunges while holding weights

-single leg squats and lunges

-crawls, any way you want to!

-short sprints

-kettlebell lifts— cleans, jerks, snatches. or practice pushing any heavy object overhead, safely. 

-jump squats, jumping. 

-alternating side planks

-pullups. can’t pull yourself up? jump for it. don’t have a gym? hit the playground at 6am, nobody will look at you. pull yourself on a bar there. 

you don’t need a gym or fancy equipment to get your shit together. you just need a will, a plan, maybe a kettlebell or some weights to move with, and 30 mins of intensity 3x per week. get it girls! 

get a simple interval timer on your phone. alternate doing different exercises for :45 or so at a time for under 10 mins at a time, then take a short rest. boom! free, simple to understand workout. 

get a friend to do it with you, it’s way easier. :)




lose weight… drunk.

i’ve been ‘eating clean’ again in preparation for my next kettlebell competition this summer! no added sugar, and no breads besides occasional sprouted wheat bread, sourdough crisps, and flax crackers. i eat very little dairy, and i have an occasional ‘short latte’ with a double shot of espresso. 

the one thing i’ve learned from dieting is that restriction will drive you f***ing insane. i’ve finally found balance. my secret?

lots of greens, veggies, fruits, hummus, fish, tempeh, seeds and nuts…

and half a bottle of wine every few days. 

it allows me to let go and kick it, my body can handle the calories (350 or so in half a bottle of shiraz), and wine is good for ya in moderation. going into ‘fuck it, it’s wine time’ mode keeps me from going crazy on anything else throughout the week. it’s full of antioxidants, it’s a nice ritual, and i find my body can handle it. 

the healthy food makes me more in touch with what my body needs… and then i beast that half bottle slowly, feel the buzz more quickly, and stop when i’m satiated. 

find a not-too-unhealthy way to kick it every week. maybe it’s not booze… whatever it is, find it, reward yourself, and eat clean the rest of the week! 

happy eating!


that moment when i do 13 pushups with 40lbs on my back, one-upping the full-grown men at the gym and i’m all like RAAAWWWWR!!!

ladies, never underestimate your own strength. i could barely do a few pushups a year ago. start where you’re at, eat real food, work your strength, take baby steps, and magic will happen. 

May 7

Hauled ass at daybreak… Did sprints and other exercises at the playground. 10k ready in no time! :)